Battery Charger BC K612 - MULTIENTRY NUMBER - 6 Volt And 12 Volt Charger (protects from overcharging)

Part Information

The K612 Is A Battery Charger, Maintainer And Reconditioner For 6 Volt And 12 Volt Batteries (Acid, MF, Gel, AGM And VRLA Types)
Fully Automated 8 Cycles Charging Algorithm:
Soft Charge
Bulk Charge
Desulfation And Absorption
Battery Analysis - End Cycle Test
Can Be Left Connected To The Bike For An Indefinite Period Of Time
The K612 Does Not Produce Sparks And It Is Protected Against Short Circuit, Reverse Polarity, Overcharging And Overheating.
Supplied With Crocodile Clamps
More Accessories Available